These are the producing mares of Rancho No Robles. Although it may seem to be a rather diverse group, they match well with my stallions, and will produce either Pintos, Arabs, or Half-Arabs with exceptional color, pedigree and conformation.


Cowgirl Logic - ’91 Bay Tobiano Paint
“Whomper” is, essentially, the foundation mare of Rancho No Robles. She delivered the first foal born here, and has been a consistent producer of loudly marked Paint babies.

Sweet Champagne - ’96 Amber Champagne 7/8 Arab
“Freckles” is one of those rare finds – I was in the right place at the right time – just as this beautiful amber champagne poked her head out of a stall door. My first words as I saw her were, “Uh Oh.”I knew she needed to live with me. Freckles produced a beautiful filly, Avila Bay, in 2000. She produced an amber champagne filly, Champagne Sweetheart, in 2001, and an amber champagne colt, Champagne Ambassador, in 2002 – both of the champages were sired by Creme Carmel.

CC Sugar and Spice - ’96 Gold Champagne Tobiano Paint
The Fates conspired to bring Sugar to me. By a series of seeming coincidences and amazing flips and twists – she gracefully landed in my yard in August of 2005. She is just about the sweetest mare I have ever met, and her presence is truly appreciated. My goal with her is to raise homozygous tobiano/homozygous champagnes when I breed her to California Champagne. So we all have our work cut out for us!

Awesome Snow - ’97 Cremello Paint
I found Rutabaga while looking at advertisements in the Paint Horse Journal. The ad for the little cremello overo filly caught my eye. So I asked about her, and she had already been sold. She was clear across the country in Louisiana, so I thought it was not to be. But I got the name for the new owner, and he only bought her to get her mother, so we eventually made the deal. She was five months old when she arrived in California, and was not in good humor! We did become friends, and her humor is much better now. She likes to torment Cammy’s mother, always with an innocent look in her blue eyes!

Skipablue San Poco - ’98 Grey Champagne Paint
Grace was my first Internet horse discovery. I found her on a champagne discussion list where we were trying to figure out what her base color is. Turns out she tests “AaEecrcrOo.” With grey. So she’s likely amber, but could be on a seal brown base. She definitely has the champagne gene, as do her look-alike dam and full brother. And she’s tests out to be a frame overo – without spots. I had her shipped in from Iowa when she was a yearling. I spent the next week looking at her every five minutes, thinking I could figure out what color she is. It took years, and lots of DNA testing, but we have it figured out.

Snow Lily - ’99 Gold cream (nearly all white – faint bits of color in both flanks) Tovero
Lily is, so far, the biggest surprise of my horse breeding enterprise. I was shocked when my guaranteed palomino foal was born white. She is a nearly all-white pinto, her blue eyes from splashed white.  She is also tobiano, and carries one copy of Sb-1.  Lily is just full of surprises.

Dolly - ’99 Buckskin Dun Splashed White Pintaloosa
Dolly is quite a find for a color breeder such as myself. She has more different color genes than you can shake a stick at! She is another Internet horse – discovered in Ontario, Canada! Dolly’s parents are both registered Appaloosas, but she has crop-out pinto white which disqualifies her for Appaloosa registration. She will produce wonderful Half-Arabs and Pintaloosas.

Avila Bay - ’00 Bay 15/16 Arabian Mare
This gal is beautiful. “Sweetie” has a sculpted head, fine lines, and a sweet personality. She is also sired by El Dorado I, whose daughter, Jaszmina has been knocking out the competition in open jumping. And this kid is fast….. She runs circles around her mom! Sweetie is Cal-Bred and Nor-Cal nominated. She is halter quality.

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