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If you’re in a long distance relationship, phone sex might be the best way to keep the home fires burning! Talking dirty on the phone can become an essential part of your relationship, and for good reason – a couple who doesn’t have a sexual life or attraction between them is sure to go downhill soon enough. Keep your relationship strong by honing your Sex Phono skills.

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It will be difficult for you to enjoy yourselves if you feel tense or silly, so before you call, do whatever you need to do to get yourself comfortable and feeling sexy.

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Be sure to listen. Don’t just assume your partner is talking about the same old things. Pay attention to the hints he drops in the heat of passion. Listen to his breathing, and what comments from you make it speed up. Pay attention to the background noise – if you listen carefully, you can sometimes hear what he’s doing over there! If he’s not responding to your attempts, try another angle.

Sexual intimacy is important as part of a relationship. Relationships basically could grow or deteriorate with many sexual matters that a couple could be experiencing. With the physical displacement that humankind is experiencing nowadays, it is rather hard to maintain a healthy sexual relationship with a partner that is a thousand miles away. Sex involves two people who are related intimately, it involves contact, the sense of touch, emotions, and the feeling of togetherness. Sexual conversation involves not only those necessity but also maturity for those involved.

In order to successfully go through with having a good experience with the sexual conversation, your relationship should develop into another stage of sexual maturity. Couples who have experienced this will attest that it rather hard and is usually embarrassing at first, but as time goes, you will both get to have pleasurable lovemaking overtime. There are initial difficulties like any initial lovemaking will have, but as you are able to both sexually mature and adjustments are made, in time it will all be something that you will get used to.

Phone sex like any other intimacy needs maturity and understanding from both partners, it is therefore safe to say that having phone sex is an adventure like no other. Going into something new and adventurous is always exciting and exhilarating so the rewards could be fulfilling and wonderful in the end. Having a long distance relationship is already hard, let along keeping your personal intimacy at its peak. But many couples would want their relationship to work even with the constraints of space and time. Many relationships are set apart due to distance but it should never be the reason to give up on what you know is something that is good. Having phone sex could be something that is like threading on unfamiliar waters - difficult, but with patience and practice, eventually you and your partner will feel comfortable with it.

Like any other intimate activities, phone sex requires preparation like normal physical sex. Many critics say that it is like fooling each person that is in the relationship. However, many people who have discovered the pleasures of phone sex would readily say that it has actually save their relationships. Since it keeps couples intimate with each other even beyond time and space. For obvious reasons, it requires more than that of normal sex, like setting the mood right. Getting naked is of importance and you must have an open mind in masturbation. Unless you have a video camera equipped you will not be able to established eye contact so couples need to work extra hard. Sexual phone conversation is all in the mind; work with the mind to rekindle intimacy because as they say, the mind is the most versatile sex organ.

Phone sex does not only keep the intimacy that couples needs, it is also ignites imagination and creativity. Not only can that people having phone sex easily rediscover themselves along the way. You may discover something that gives you more pleasure than real sex does or an erogenous zone that you have never known before. All in all, phone sex is a good way to keep the intimacy going for couples who are far away from each other.

Intimacy That Phone Sex Brings

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You can thrill your partner with dirty talk without even seeing him. It's true! Those in long distance relationships are very familiar with the concept of phone sex to keep the tension high and the relationship healthy. If you take your time and get creative with your partner, phone sex can be so good, it almost feels like the real thing.

The best way on how to have phone sex is to never hold anything back. You're not there with your partner, so you have to go the extra mile to make things even hotter. That might mean getting into kinkier fantasies than what you might every try in real life, and making sure that you describe everything in wild, vivid detail. Don't be afraid to say things that are a little "out there" - your partner probably has a few naughty tales of his own to spin, and you want him to share just as openly as you do, right?

Start out with your simple fantasies, or dirty talk phrases that will get him going. Tell him what you're wearing, and if you're not wearing anything at all, make sure you tell him exactly what you're doing as you are talking to him. Describe everything in detail. Wait for his cue before you use more graphic words. The rule of thumb here is that if he says it, you can say it, too.

Pay attention to your partner's breathing as you talk to him. The more aroused he gets, the more strident his breath will be. Listen to where he is leading you with his encouraging words. If he wants more, he will lead you there!

Finally, don't be afraid to enjoy yourself, too. The goal of phone sex is not necessarily to have an orgasm through all those dirty talk phrases - the goal is to stay close to your partner, even though you are separated by distance. If you can talk openly about your desires, staying close will be easy for you!

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Once you have your partner on the phone, take things at a speed you’re both comfortable with. There’s no “correct” way to have phone sex.

So many people get caught up in what they are going to say next that they forget to simply relax and let things happen. Enjoy yourself while doing Sex Phono! Just like being together in bed, you are going to fumble from time to time, and you’re going to do silly things. Being able to laugh at yourself is an essential part of phone sex, so don’t hesitate to chuckle a bit when something goes wrong. Sex is supposed to be fun – even if it’s over the phone!

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Sex Phono Directory

Sex Phono Directory