Adult Phone Site

Adult Phone Site

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When most people think of different types and variations of sexual intercourse, they usually think of normal intercourse, oral, or anal penetration. An often overlooked, very satisfying type of lovemaking is phonesex. It can be just as thrilling as being with a physical partner, and it is just as safe as masturbation. It is great way for partners to build intimacy when they are apart, and it is an exciting way to enjoy masturbation with a phone actress.

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Adult Phone  is a great alternative way to live out fantasies that may otherwise be deemed unacceptable or taboo by your significant other(s), but may in fact be totally normal! For example, if you have bisexual, threesome, foot fetish, or other fantasies, but you are concerned that by actually carrying those out you may actually be cheating on your partner, or mentioning them would alarm your partner, Adult Phone is a great way to act out these fantasies with a professional phone actor or actress. Other examples of common phonesex fantasies are; fetishes, domination, and/or submission.

How To Become A Sex Phone Line Worker

The more aroused he gets, the more strident his breath will be. Listen to where he is leading you with his encouraging words. If he wants more, he will lead you there!Finally, don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself, too. The goal of Adult Phone is not necessarily to have an orgasm through all those dirty talk phrases – the goal is to stay close to your partner, even though you are separated by distance.

Getting Comfortable For Phone Sex

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Women can have NO-TOUCH orgasms! They can experience this by having you talk to them (with no touching) by texting them, instant messaging them, or even PHONE SEX! Once you learn the technique you can use it with any type of medium. Learn this PROVEN METHOD today!

This is an exciting technique and concept. You can use parts or all of this technique in so many ways!

1st Tip. Make her feel comfortable.

Too many people, even women, start in too far, too fast. There's a time to be crude and use vivid language and a time to wait. Start out with some momentum and make her feel comfortable.

Then, once she knows that you respect her. Nobody wants to totally be thought of as a sex object. The woman could tell you that she doesn't want phone sex, yet love it when you do it in the right way.

The point is to start slowly.

2nd Tip. Getting her hot!

Now start at her mouth (actually her head) and head south. Ask her about her greatest unfulfilled fantasy or a sex game she'd like to try. The more you can get her to talk, the more you'll turn her on.

If she asks what you'd like to do with her, then describe a very romantic scene. Give her details and set the scene with smells, feelings, taste, and texture.

Describe in detail, how her mouth would taste, and how you'll enjoy french kissing her. Then ask her if she's getting turned or - or damp.

3rd Tip. Driving her crazy!

Now, start with a detailed description of what you'd do with her breasts. Tell her you'd tease her breasts for a long time. Ask if her breasts fell swollen and ask her if her nipples are hard.

Tell her you'd want to give her a breast orgasm. You'd cup them, tease her nipples, suck them, and then put as much of her breast in your mouth as you could. Describe how you'd suck her breasts so fast and hard.

Now, tell her how you'd kiss her inner thighs and tease her clit with your tongue. Tell her how she'd have to arch her back and reach your tongue and finger. Describe how you'd drive your tongue inside her and reach her g-spot. Tell her how hard she'd shake and convulse.

Give her as much detail as you can, including feelings. You should have a great time and a new experience!

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Adult Phone Site

Adult Phone Site