Yes, it really is possible to excite your partner with dirty talk examples, without being in the same room. Believe it! It’s something that many couples use when in a long distance relationship. You guessed it! Phone sex. Phone sex can get so good, if you get creative, that it can feel just like the real thing.

When engaging in phone sex with dirty talk examples, don’t hold back. To heat things up, you’ll have to go even further than normal because you’re not there with him. Vivid detail and kinkier fantasies is a must when talking over the phone.Get crazy, and don’t be afraid to say things you think are too “out there”. You’d want him to do the same, wouldn’t you? Who knows, he may even have a few tales of his own to tell.

Mommy Phone Sex

Start out with your simple fantasies, or dirty talk examples that will get him going. Ensure to tell him exactly what you’re doing to yourself, and if you still have your clothes on, let him know what you’re wearing. Spend lots of time on every little thing you do or say. Before using the naughtier words, wait for him to be comfortable with what you’re using now. Basic rule of thumb is: “Once he says it, you can too.”

Take note of his breathing. The more turned on he is, the sharper his breaths are. Pay close attention to where he’s taking you with his words. Once he decides what he wants, he’ll lead you there subtly.

Secret Phone Sex
In the end, make sure to enjoy it yourself as well. You’re not trying to orgasm with the use of these dirty talk examples – the objective is to stay close together ever though you might be separated by distance. It’ll be easy to stay close if you let him know about your desires.

If you just want to add some excitement to ordinary masturbation, phonesex is a great way to add a thrilling new dimension to your experience. While most phonesex operators charge by the minute, a typical phone call runs for less than fifteen minutes, and will be well-worth the money. Additionally, phone operators are also experts in special-interests, and can be an invaluable resource for helpful tips and information that you cannot find anywhere else.

Phone Sex With Real People