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At Rancho No Robles I raise colorful equines of several varieties. I have Paints, Arabians, half-Arabians and donkeys. I tried to breed mules, but my jack didn’t always cooperate. After being disillusioned by my jack, I bought a Paint colt, and the Paint colt enticed me to buy mares for him, and my other mares enticed me to buy an Arabian colt, and the colors just got better and better, and the pedigrees got better and better, and that’s how I came to have the horses I have now….

So my mule breeding enterprise has evolved into a horse breeding enterprise (occasional donkey permitted) where quality is foremost, but the colors are more than icing – they’re the cake!

Rancho No Robles is located on the central coast of California, where the weather is perfect for growing horses – except in the summer when it’s too hot!

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